Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Work in the slide area

. In the slide pane, type text directly onto the slide, within the placeholder.
2. On the left is a thumbnail version of the slide you're working on. This area is the Slides tab, and you can click the slide thumbnails here to navigate among slides.
3. The notes pane. Type notes that you'll use when presenting. You can drag the borders of the pane to make the notes area bigger.

The window that first opens in PowerPoint has a big working space in the middle, with smaller areas around it. That middle space is the slide area, officially called the slide pane.

Working in this space, you type text directly onto the slide. The area you type into is a box with a dashed border called a placeholder. All the text that you type onto a slide resides in a box like this.

Most slides include one or more placeholders for titles, body text such as lists or regular paragraphs, and other content such as pictures or charts.